Happy New Year!!!

It’s been far too long since my last post but on top of all of the usual Christmas and New Year celebrations the last month has also included both my boyfriend’s and my birthdays, and (watching my boyfriend) building an eight person dining table from scratch.

So I just thought I’d do a quick post to show you some lovely presents I received and also to share some very exciting news…!

scissors, vintage, iron, craft, homeware, design, interior, gift, christmas, present

I love these vintage Chinese scissors and plan to hang them as part of that ‘gallery wall’ we still haven’t gotten round to creating…

cloche, glass, display dome, vintage, homeware, gift, christmas, candle

My boyfriend responded very well to my constant unsubtle hints and got me this beautiful glass cloche!

clear, glass frame, gift, photo frame, picture, vintage, unique, gift, homeware, interior

And also this lovely Brass and Glass picture frame. I still haven’t found the perfect thing to put inside but just popped an old table reservation in for the time being – didn’t he do well?!

Now that all the festivities are over January is normally my least favourite time of the year – I’m really not a fan of the cold and without all the pretty lighting that Christmas provides it’s just so daarrrk. This year, however, I’ve actually been willing the time to go faster as tomorrow….

I start a 4 week work experience placement at Elle Decoration!!!!!!

I genuinely can’t explain how excited (and nervous) I am to have been offered this as it’s just such a good opportunity.

Wish me luck and I’m sure it’ll give me lots of good blog material for the future!

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great start to 2015!

Tali x



Work Experience for House Beautiful Magazine

A couple of months ago I contacted one of my favourite Interior Stylists, a lovely lady called Hannah Deacon, and asked if I could come and do some work experience with her. After a few emails it was all arranged and I went along to help on a three day stripe-themed shoot for the August issue of House Beautiful Magazine.

When I arrived it was straight into unpacking the vast array of props. For every item used in a shoot there are multiple other options so it’s important to label where everything comes from and remember which box or bag it came in so that it can be returned to the correct place.

The shoot was held in a beautiful location house in Streatham and over the three days various rooms (or the parts of the room that would be in shot) were painted and new floors were put down. It was a great shoot to work on and I was even asked to make a few pictures that were used on the walls. You can see one below which I made out of ribbon and a little drawing of a boat.

work experience magazine interior stripes

At the end of the shoot everything got packed away and the house got painted back to how it was before we arrived. It’s quite surreal to see the process a location house goes through and the owners must be constantly living with the smell of wet paint!

I’ve been lucky enough to have since worked with Hannah as an assistant and it goes to show how worthwhile it is to do work experience and internships. Not only do you learn tonnes but it’s also such a good way to make contacts!

Here’s a few of my favourite images from the shoot…

work experience magazine interior stripes dresser

work experience magazine interior stripes hallway

work experience magazine interior stripes lampshade











Thanks for reading!

Tali x