Trend: Scandinavian Design

Last month my boyfriend and I went to Sweden for the weekend to visit a friend who is working out in Gothenburg. We spent our first day exploring the beautiful lakes and beaches surrounding the city and I spent the next day in shopping heaven as we wandered around the huuuge selection of swoon-worthy interiors shops.

Here’s a few photos from the weekend, with a little help from my good friend Instagram of course…

Gothenburg, Sweden, lakes, autumn, interior, scandinavian, shopping, travel, stylist, lighting, citybreakGothenburg, Sweden, lakes, autumn, interior, scandinavian, shopping, travel, stylist, lighting, citybreakGothenburg, Sweden, lakes, autumn, interior, scandinavian, shopping, travel, stylist, lighting, citybreak

Gothenburg, Sweden, lakes, autumn, interior, scandinavian, shopping, travel, stylist, lighting, citybreakGothenburg, Sweden, lakes, autumn, interior, scandinavian, shopping, travel, stylist, lighting, citybreakGothenburg, Sweden, lakes, autumn, interior, scandinavian, shopping, travel, stylist, lighting, citybreak

I thought I’d use the trip as an excuse to create a little shopping list with a nod to Scandinavian design. The Les Montgolfières Bowl is inspired by a hot air balloon – isn’t it sweet?

Hay, copenhagen, cushions, accessories, vase, sofa, stool, wish list, trend, pastel, wood, Gothenburg, Sweden, lakes, autumn, interior, scandinavian, shopping, travel, stylist, lighting, citybreak

1.Les Montgolfières Bowl, £55.40 || 2.Hay Copenhague Desk, £893 || 3.Linie Design Pink Rug, Heal’s £235 || 4.Sports Luxe Geo Yellow Cushion, £15 || 5.Porcelain Vase, Design Vintage £16.50 || 6.Junction Floor Lamp, Heal’s £185 || 7.Sofa by Hee Welling, Haus £1478 || 8.Tom and Jerry Stool, Conran Shop £444

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Tali x


Autumn Inspired Interiors

I’ve been a very bad blogger lately and haven’t posted for ages. I’ve had a hectic month work-wise and spent last week in the depths of Cambridgeshire assisting on a shoot for the Christmas issue of House Beautiful Magazine where I sadly earned the nickname of ‘the great bauble smasher of London town.’


The shoot was in a beautiful Georgian house, originally built as a retreat for Monks, and I spent my days decorating Christmas trees and sweeping up the remnants of ornaments that didn’t survive my flailing. It was a lovely shoot to be a part of and has given me lots of exciting plans for decorating our flat over the festive period. However, as Christmas is still more than three months away I have decided to dedicate this post to Autumn instead. As the weather is getting colder I wanted to find some pieces with textures and colours to create a feeling of warmth whilst still seeming light and fresh.

autumn, interior, decoration, habitat, heals, john lewis, h&m, lighting, design, trend, moodboard1.Sunset Cushion, John Lewis £30 || 2.Wooden Bowl, H&M £6.99 || 3.Decorative Bulb, John Lewis £10 || 4.Maude Bowl, Habitat £35 || 5.Pomegranate Candle, Plum & Ashby £24 || 6.Large Glass Vase, H&M £9.99 || 7.Frankie Oak Task Lamp, John Lewis £60 || 8.Gandia Blasco Hexa Rug, Heals £1760

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Tali x

Home Improvements!

Apparently my boyfriend and I both own an unnecessary amount of shoes and, until this weekend, we had nowhere to store them. Our flat doesn’t have a hallway and so shoes always just seemed to get dumped in the bedroom which looked awful and often led to me falling over them. I’m really not a fan of standard shoe racks as you either end up with some kind of shelving unit of shoes which still looks just as messy, or one of those hideous pretend cupboard thingys which only ever seem to come in ‘pine-effect.’

We wanted to find something to put against the wall in our kitchen. Currently this area held a very out of place bookcase, an old mirror which I horribly decoupaged a few years ago – apparently before I had any taste – and the box of frames which we still haven’t got round to putting up.

Cue a trip to IKEA!

home improvement before

We came across the Kallax (previously Expedit) unit which I’ve always been a fan of but never really had a use for. The Kallax series is great because there’s loads of different inserts and boxes so you can switch it up depending on your colour scheme. We chose 4 of the black Dröna boxes which is perfect for hiding all of our shoes and they’re only £2.50 each!

ikea kallax expedit drona

Turned on its side the Kallax was the perfect width for the space but not quite high enough and would have looked a bit stumpy. We decided to add some legs and chose the stainless steel Capita which added another 16cm making it the perfect height.

As I’m currently obsessed with copper we sprayed the legs with spray paint after carefully masking off the little black feet, and also decided to add some copper to the ugly decoupage mirror.

Ikea Capita legs spray paint copper

After an evening of stripping, we sanded and masked off an area of the mirror to be sprayed.

Decoupage mirror frame stripped back to woodspray paint copper mirror frame

*On a side note – I met my upstairs neighbour for the first time this weekend whilst I was outside our building wielding a can of spray paint talking to a passing cat. She didn’t say hello. I don’t know why.*

Once it was dry and we took the masking tape off there didn’t seem to be enough variation between the wood and the copper so we painted a thin stripe in baby blue as well.

mirror frame painted copper blue

Et voila!

Hope you like the finished result. My bruises and I are certainly pleased not to be constantly tripping over shoes anymore…

after home improvements interior ikea copper

Thanks for reading!

Tali x

Trend: Modern Pastels

I’m currently stockpiling empty jam jars because I saw a great tutorial on how to transform them into gorgeous pastel coloured vases like these:

chalky pastel jam jar paint vase recycle

To make your own use up any old paint you have lying around – or buy the smallest tester pot you can find – and pour a small amount into a clean, dry jar. Tilt the jar to swirl the paint around until the inside is completely coated and leave it somewhere warm to dry for a couple of days.

Et voila! They’re great for displaying flowers or even just as a pot for pens on your desk.

If that’s not completely satisfied your penchant for pastels then here’s a few sliiightly less thrifty purchases (£4299 on a sofa is reasonable right…?) to complete the trend in your home!

pastel trend home interior accessories design colourful 2014 yellow sofa

1.Mayor Oak Sofa by &Tradition, £4299 || 2.Striped Wool Blanket, Zara Home £69.99 || 3.XL Boom Palm Tray, Heal’s £20 || 4.Hive Pendant Light, £99 || 5.Glass Vase, H&M £3.99 || 6.Twiitter Table Lamp, Heal’s £120 || 7.Blossom Side Table, Habitat £50 || 8.Maya Poster by Ferm Living, Coolshop £23.99

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Tali x

Trend: Copper Accessories

I’m a little bit obsessed with all things copper at the minute so here’s a few of my favourite things available now.

copper, trend, interior, design, lighting, modern, metal

1.Cage Pendant, £99 || 2.Large Copper Vase, Habitat £25 || 3.Strand Lamp Small, The Conran Shop £450 || 4.Lup Candlestick by Hay, Heals £22 || 5.Metal Candlestick, H&M £6.99 || 6.Real Good Chair by Blu Dot, Heals £299 || 7.Metal Wire Basket, H&M £7.99 || 8.Range Side Table, £149

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Tali x

Gallery Wall Wishes

My next project is to create a bit of a gallery wall in our ‘office’ (i.e. the corner of the kitchen next to the fridge where the computer lives) as I think it will give the space a bit more definition. Since moving in to our flat we’ve been a bit too nervous to put any new holes in the walls so the only things currently hung are placed on nails that were already there when we arrived. This has somehow led to the presence of Ben’s ‘Homer Simpson’ light up clock hung in the centre of my planned gallery wall, quite frankly I’m not even sure how he managed to sneak it into the flat…

clock mac interior modern gallery wall

So here are a few of my favourite inspiration images…

gallery wall washi tape apartment therapy

gallery wall chevron rug home office black white

gallery wall inspiration colour frames modern 

1.  I love the use of Washi tape instead of frames in this image taken from Apartment Therapy. The ‘frames’ can be easily changed and it’s a super thrifty idea!

2. Sadly, as we’re renting, we can’t paint the wall behind the computer like in this image from live creating yourself blog but how great does it look? This picture actually inspired my own chevron print rug from Urban Outfitters which still makes me really happy every time I see it!

3. I love the mix of colours and objects in this image from Desert Domicile. I might mix in some porcelain mounted cow heads I bought from Tiger a couple of years ago!


So all I need to do now is get some great prints to fill the wall and find a way of removing Homer without Ben noticing….


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Tali x

Picnic Plans

As today is rumoured to be the hottest day of the year, my boyfriend and I are having a picnic dinner in the park. I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to do a little bit of imaginary shopping and have put together a few things for the perfect al fresco experience.

picnic ikea lakeland anthropologie lantern habitat

1.Lupine Hanging Planter, Anthropologie £14 each || 2.Picnic Blanket, Plum & Ashby £119 || 3.Vintage Fleur Tumblers, Lakeland £3.79 each || 4.Easy Chair, Ikea £125 || 5.Ria Woven Picnic Basket, Habitat £40 || 6.Modernist Bowls, West Elm £7 each || 7.Kaleidoscope Bowl, Lakeland £3.99 || 8.Oriental Lantern, Not on the High Street £12.75 each

Thanks for reading,

Tali x