Our coffee table for under £5


I’ve been putting off starting this blog because the idea of writing the all-important First Post is so intimidating that I’d convinced myself it would be the hardest part of ‘blogging’ by far. However, as this is in fact, my second attempt at a blog (the first lasting a whopping TWO posts in total) I think that excuse is a bit pants and I really just need to get on with it.

On the whole this blog will be a way to document a few exciting things that are happening in my life as I’ve finally decided on a career path as an Interiors/Prop Stylist and I’ve also just moved in with my boyfriend after six years together! Both of these things give me an excuse to find pretty things to put in houses which leads me smoothly on to….


I’ve always been so jealous when reading other people’s posts describing the amazing things they’ve rescued from skips and charity shops because all I ever seem to find on the street is discarded shoes. However, my time finally came and I stumbled across this coffee table, complete with delightful faux marble effect…..

Before table upcycling diy

After a quick spider extraction and – in true DIY style – a 3 week period of just ignoring it, my boyfriend and I finally stripped off the paint using some paint scrapers from the pound shop, a lot of elbow grease and the inventive use of my hairdryer…

table sanded stripped upcycling

We decided to leave the top wood and paint the legs a nice coral colour – Dulux Caribbean Dawn 2 – that I matched from our cushion covers (I might do a post about those later as I whipped them up out of some bargain Ikea fabric and they really brighten up the sofa). The colour of the legs is quite girlie but the rest of the living area is very black, white and grey and I worried it was verging on Batchelor Pad-esque so I think it helps to counteract that.

And here’s the final result!

after finished table sanded painted diy upcycle

Thanks for reading and I’d love to hear any feedback!

Tali x


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